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The US to Bring Back Mask Mandates Indoors

The high transmissible delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is continuing to spread all across the United States and over the whole world. As a result, health experts and scientists warn people that the indoor Mask Mandates and other public health measures are expected to return in the US this fall.

The United States celebrated a significant party, marking their Independence Day on the fourth of July with some of the first large gatherings of people in more than a year.

It is going towards a dangerous fall season when the delta strain is expected to offer another wave and immediate rise in the corona-virus cases, as stated by the major health experts of the country.

The delta variant has already hit the states with a low vaccination rate. Those places are likely to re-introduce the mask rules and social distancing norms again, where the rules had been lifted over the last few months after people were getting vaccinated in the country.

With the emergence of new variants every week, the scientists now claim that the corona-virus will keep circulation across various nations’ across the world for at least the next two to three years.

The countries won’t be able to lift off the Mask Mandates and rules on social gatherings for the unpredictable future.

Several countries have brought back the Mask Mandates and social distancing norms to control the spread of the delta variant. The high vaccinated rates in the US give it some extra time, but the fall conditions are likely to worsen, predict health experts.

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