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Toys R Us Could Have a Booming Comeback

Toys R Us is an American retail company owned by multiple other founding companies. The New Jersey-based retailer sells toys, clothing, and baby products. The baby product retailer has had a tough time for almost a year now, struggling with the unprecedented crisis after the pandemic. Nevertheless, the company is expanding its avenue with a new partnership with Macy’s website.

Toys R Us is expected to return with a bang on Macy’s website to sell toys. The two companies are combining their efforts to escalate sales of toys by opening Toys R Us shops across 400 Macy’s stores. This will be a full-fledged project by next year. This is New Jersey’s toy retailers second attempt in three years to get the business on track.

The new re-launch strategy is WHP Global’s first strategic shift for the toy store business. The Company has had a long list of owners throughout its historic journey. WHP Global is a brand management company headquartered in New York. The company bought Toys R Us very recently in March. WH Global had set a vision to develop a global network and digital platform for the renowned retailer.

This is an equally compelling opportunity for Macy’s. The store chain that is currently dominated by peers such as Target and Walmart could strengthen its toy business through Toys R Us. Macy’s has experienced a robust rise in toy sales amidst the pandemic as parents try to entertain kids locked inside their houses.

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