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Trade Desk Launches ad-trading Platform Solimar

CEO of Trade Desk, Jeff Green, told, the company is seeking to limit the number of ads shown to the consumers on streaming services with its new launch of the ad-trading platform. The digital ad-buying company, with its latest launch, will help the ad buyers.

Trade Desk, the digital ad-buying platform, also launched Solimar. With the help of Solimar, the marketers can optimize the digital advertising campaigns of the marketers on the internet.

Green, who recently was interviewed in an American finance television program, said Solimar would gather comprehensive data to target the audience and ensure that consumers will see no more than three ads on the streaming services.

Green noted that the consumers would see only two or three ads which will be extremely sensitive to consumers. Trade Desk, the technology company, has a $39 billion outfit based in Ventura.

The Trade Desk, in an interview, also revealed that it launched a new venture capital arm, TD7. The company launched TD7 on Wednesday. The TD7 is aimed at investing in technologies on the open internet. The company had first invested in Chalice.

Jeff Green said the company would like to see more innovative ad tech people from small and disciplined companies. He believes it will help the industry innovate and grow.

The Trade Desk shares rose by 1.41% following the new launches, whereas the firm’s stocks remain down by 3% this year to date.

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