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Transplant Patients Show COVID-19 Antibodies after 3 Shots

New studies by the Annals of Internal Medicine claim an additional Covid-19 vaccine dose post two vaccine shots from a different company is expected to boost infection and virus resistance amongst Transplant Patients with weak immunity.

Further, the research carried out by Johns Hopkins University researchers included 30 organ Transplant Patients who were already entirely vaccinated with the two doses of vaccine either from Moderna or Pfizer.

The main concern for those individuals is that they are unlikely to develop a robust response to the vaccine, which will keep them at the risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

These Transplant Patients are constantly consuming the immunity suppressing medicines so that their body is not resistant to transplant.

Even after these individuals were vaccinated entirely, many patients who were studied showed no sign of antibodies of the coronavirus, and a few patients had low levels.

So, the researchers injected them with a booster shot of the vaccine of either brand. After two weeks, these patients showed surged levels of antibodies despite the low immunity diagnosed earlier.

The people who had no antibodies had an increase in the number over the period.

Dr. Dorry Segev, the author of associate vice-chair and study for research and professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University, stated that an extra vaccine dose could greatly improve response amongst Transplant Patients.

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