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Twitter Unboxes its First Subscription-based Model, Twitter Blue

Latest announcements from Twitter officials have affirmed the newest release of their latest subscription-based solution model, Twitter Blue.

This subscription-based business model would be first available across Canada and Australia. Twitter Blue subscribers would gain access to premium services such as bookmarker organization tools and read threads.

These development features will enable a clutter-free consumer experience, besides the latest Undo Tweet feature. The undo feature is highly requested as Twitter users have been anxiously awaiting an edit option.

The Reader Mode feature of the new subscription allows users to undo tweets or edit them according to user discretion. It also enables seamless thread viewing.

Company officials familiar with the development have also verified that Twitter Blue will first be released in Australia and Canada at an attractive monthly subscription rate of AUD 4.49 and CAD 3.49, respectively.

Rumors are, these new feature improvements were anticipated earlier by Jane Manchun, a leading app researcher.

However, sufficient evidence was not available to support his statements. With this novel launch of Twitter Blue, most of Jane’s predictions match the actual offerings.

The ‘undo’ feature of Twitter Blue allows users to withdraw their tweets well ahead they go live.

A unique 30-second timer is also added to allow this undoing feature, giving users complete control over their expressions.

Besides the bookmark folder for saving tweets and reader mode, some unique aesthetic improvements are also included in the new subscription plan.

To accommodate users’ preferences, Twitter’s new subscription also supports a color-changing feature for the Twitter icon.

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