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Two U.S. Players Pursue Tariffs on Imported Solar Products

Solar panels, and other solar products imported from China fall under the tariff regulations imposed in 2018 which is now close to its expiration date the coming year. Two of the smaller American solar companies plan to request the government to extend the Tariffs post expiration. These Tariffs primarily affect the import of solar cells, and panels. The petition might expose the White House to divided groups ultimately forcing the House to choose sides.

Auxin Solar Inc., solar company based in San Jose, California manufactures solar products. Suniva Inc., currently owns a solar cell factory in Norcross, Georgia. The two companies together plan to request the United States InMternational Trade Commission on Monday. They seek for an extension of solar Tariffs for four years ahead of the expiry date. The Tariffs were originally imposed in 2018 regulating an 18% on the imported solar products. Chinese-owned companies are the primary center of the regulated policy. China has become world’s largest provider of the solar panels, and cells. These are globally used to generate power. China has transferred some of its production to other regions of Asia to dodge U.S. tariffs.

Continuation of Tariffs is anticipated to strengthen America’s solar energy independence. It is an effort to demolish the supply chain of the solar industry of any unfair trade practices that have implicated American workers.

The privately owned Chinese firms providing solar products have gained significantly with the innovations. Prevalence of Tariffs will provide an incentive to the domestic manufacturers sustaining in the cut-throat competition.

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