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U.S. Agencies Show Disappointing Cyber security Performance

The efficiency of cyber security across eight federal agencies has been rated severely poor. Four out of the eight agencies received the ‘D’ grade. Three U.S. agencies were graded ‘C’, and only one was able to reach grade ‘B’.

Experts are now concerned about the data security that these agencies are entrusted with. Considering the security and privacy of the data handled by federal agencies, Congress firmly denies providing national security secrets.

Rising private and public-sponsored hackers are further posing greater threats to data security and maintenance.

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee of the United States published the report consisting of the grades and consequences of the current cyber security system.

The report published is the second one to indicate the failure of these specific agencies after the first report was released two years back.

The report published in the past highlighted the systemic failure of these same eight agencies in adhering to the federal cyber security standards.

It found that from 2008 to 2018, the agencies were incapable of protecting personally identifiable information. They also lacked in maintaining a brief of all the software and hardware information used along with the installation of vendor-supplied security patches.

The report published on Tuesday, titled Federal Cyber security: America’s Data Still at Risk, examines the efficiency of security practices of the same agencies for 2020. Department of Homeland Security was the only federal agency that received a grade B for its cyber security performance.

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