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U.S Faces Shortage of Blood Supply

As the pandemic has grappled the U.S, the country is facing a huge Shortage of Blood donated product. The supply of blood donated product used for transfusions is critically low and the situation is worsened due to the pandemic.

In the previous week, American Red Cross reported that it is facing severe Shortage of Blood supply. It is the non-profit humanitarian organization which contributes around 40% to the total blood supplies of the nation.

According to the Boston Globe, the Red Cross carries donated blood that lasts for five days. The demand for O blood is surged recently due to the pandemic. As the O blood can be donated to person with any blood group its demand is more. However, now the supply lasts for only half day due to shortage according to news reports.

All the blood donation centers across the U.S are facing shortage. Dr. Claudia Cohn, the chief medical officer said, the Shortage of Blood supply is most concerning he has seen in his career.

According to Dr. Claudia Cohn most of the blood centers across the nation are reporting a one-day supply or Shortage of Blood below the normal levels.

Numerous factors have led to the shortage. The rate of blood donations drops as many people go on vacation or the schools, universities, and colleges are closed. And, the pandemic has surged the problem as lesser number of people go out to blood centers or blood donation drives. Most importantly, due to the closures many of the vaccination centers are not yet working with full potential.

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