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U.S is the threat to global security, says Chinese foreign ministry

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson blamed the U.S for its biggest cyber security threat posed by U.S. They said on Monday that it is the top threat to global Security. The statement of the Chinese foreign ministry comes amidst growing U.S and China tensions.

The ministry told that, the U.S is forcing the Chinese companies to install backdoors and is trying to obtain user data by violating the data relevant rules. America is a top threat to global Security, said Wenbin.

He stated that, the U.S is trying to take advantage of its advanced technology to carry out invasive surveillance and illegally gather data and violate all kinds of privacy.

According to the rules and policies of the Patriot Act, it is mandatory for cyber companies to provide regular updates on user information thereby drawing attention from around the world. CNIL of France in the previous year found that French websites of Google and Amazon violated the data privacy rules by allowing cookies to collect data from users’ computers without consent and by providing inadequate information. Further, he added, recently Ireland ordered Facebook for suspension of transmitting EU user data to U.S

Wang Wenbin called on the international community to jointly expose and reject U.S practices. The U.S is a threat to global Security and is undermining global Security rules, he added.

The tensions between China and U.S are rising after the U.S took stiff actions against China in various issues like the covid-19 origin related criticism, for exploiting human rights of Uyghur Muslims, etc.

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