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U.S. Launched WELLTI Initiative for MEA Women Entrepreneurs

Camille Richardson, the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of Commerce for Africa and the Middle East, launches the WELLTI initiative for women entrepreneurs in the region.

Women Empowered Leave Legacies through Trade and Investment (WELLTI) aims to discuss the challenges faced by businesses in the region and efficient solutions.

Margaret Olele, Executive Secretary, also participated in the virtually held event entitled WELLTI. The virtual session was organized by Foreign Service of the U.S. and Commercial Service Office of the U.S.

Over 400 attendees participated in the session from around the world. The event featured women entrepreneurs from Africa and Middle East regions, including South Africa, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan.

The session mainly focused on discussing the opportunities, challenges, and further strategies for women doing business in Africa and the Middle East. The session was extremely beneficial to the new entrepreneurs as they received advice from the experienced women chamber leaders in MEA.

The WELLTI initiative aims to bring together businesswomen from MEA and U.S. to discuss successful strategies and collaborate with each other. Through the initiative, the businesswomen can get solutions, crucial information, contacts, and funding to increase international trade.

DAS Richardson shared crucial information about global businesses. She stated that more than 90 percent of enterprises are SMEs accounting for nearly 80 percent of employment. She also pointed that women own around 10 million SMEs around the world. Many other crucial topics were talked about during the session for economic growth and achievement.

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