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U.S. Navy Divers to Receive Advances AI-induced Security

Computer science professionals and environmental health experts are combining their efforts in protecting the U.S. Navy divers with the help of AI.

The United States office of Naval Research extends its reach for technological aid by collaborating with different institutes and organizations.

They recently granted researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago a $725,000 worth award. The initiative would stimulate the development of an artificial intelligence system that will detect the presence of bacteria and harmful pathogens.

AI-enabled system will allow the divers to derive real-time analysis of water conditions by detecting microbes and parasites in the water.

The team of experts and researchers is on a mission to develop a highly efficient system that can be applied in any location.

The goal is to allow divers to analyze water with the help of a combination of user-provided, cloud-based, or web-based information. It will also include human-specific data, for instance, the age of a diver, health status, and size of the diving team. Sailors are sent to all types of water bodies as a part of their allotted tasks by the U.S. Navy.

There is limited scope to acquire real-time data associated with the health risks when entering a different ecosystem.

Tasks such as fleet maintenance, repairs, research, and rescue require sailors to go underwater, which exposes them to different components of the water bodies that could be tackled with novel AI-enabled security measures.

So far, lab-based analysis of water samples has been the most reliable testing technique. However, with dynamic weather, changing temperatures, and currents, predicting exact status is a challenge.

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