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Updated Starbucks equipments for improvement

Starbucks to draw strategies for the new automatic ordering The outgoing CEO Howard Schultz claimed that is showing great growth on the revenue front and shares the implementation of the new strategy to reinvent the entire business. The company has decided to bring in new automated equipments, coffee machines and a loyalty programme for betterment of customer habits.

This change includes the expansion of the Starbucks menu, which includes mainly cold coffee drinks and about 60% of them are to be kept for the whole year round. It also includes certain add-ons to the coffee like cold foam, extra syrups on top, whipped creams, and many more. The change is because rather than ordering in store, customers are ordering from the Starbucks mobile app or the drive thru.

From October 2023, Starbucks has planned to add on the new technology and equipments to the store for better efficiency as well as speeding up the in-store services. The COO of the company says that their stores were built up in different era and for the different era but now it’s time to modernize them according to the contemporary aesthetics and needs.

The new chilled beverage equipment, the Starbucks barista won’t have to scoop the ice by hand, or add on whipped cream or even pour the milk from the big gallon jug. The new machine will do it all and also cut the time short. Now, only 35 seconds will be required for a barista to make Frappuccino drinks. This technique has already been tested in several stores once and the second testing will be done in the month of January and improvements will be made according to the customers’ feedback

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