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US cyber-security teams scrutinizing the Kaseya Ransomware Attack

The U.S cyber-security teams are working to stem the impact of the biggest ever hit ransomeware attack on record.  The cyber-security team is scrutinizing how Russia linked gang is responsible for the breach. The ransomware attack took place on a software company. The software of the company was conduit.

According to cyber-security officials, an affiliate of the REvil gang on Friday extorted $11 million meat-processor JBS following the Memorial Day attack. It infected thousands of systems in over 17 countries. The firms who virtually managed the IT infrastructure of the numerous clients were attacked. The attackers demanded $5 million in return.

U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that it is investigating the attack but cannot respond to each victim individually. The Biden administration in response to immediate action concerned with the attack has directed the full resources of the administration to look into the incident.

Few weeks ago, The Biden had warned the Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop supporting the REvil gang and other such ransomware attackers that are conducting unrelenting extraordinary attacks on the U.S posing a threat to national security.

According to reports, many U.S travel, leisure, services, and public sector firms were hit by the latest attack across the continent. Also, financial services sector was hit by the attack. The attackers attacked their networks and scrambled all their data. The victims had to pay millions of dollars in return of the decoder key and to unlock the system.

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