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US Likely to Probe Deeper about COVID-19 Leak from Wuhan Lab

Speculations are still ripe about the possibility of COVID-19 virus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan. Last year according to research published by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the possibility of COVID-19 leak from the Wuhan lab was strong.


Wuhan was the original epicenter of the global pandemic in 2019, from where the virus spread exponentially worldwide. However, owing to political obligations, these speculations were dissolved last year.


This year, yet again, the speculations have re-surfaced, raising several eyebrows at the global front.


The speculations are still far from being proven due to a lack of sufficient documented evidence.

At this point, expert opinion about the probable leak is still far from concrete. Therefore, government understanding about the origin of the virus still lacks clarity.


These varying theories make enough room for fresh debates hinting about the accidental leak of the COVID-19 virus. 


Several reports suggest that the virus might not be synthetically designed, and is naturally occurring in the wild. But, this doesn’t rule out the chances of an accidental leak that led the virus to escape from the Wuhan laboratory. 


However, other groups of researchers are doubting the synthetic origin of the deadly virus. In a fresh round of debates at Capitol Hill, the US is likely to believe the viability of the virus leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 


This has lent new perspectives and kindled fresh thoughts about China’s involvement in the global pandemic.


The US political gamut is now segregated into various groups, each with different agenda about investigating the probability of virus leak.

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