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US President Conducts 1,000 People’s Get Together Post Covid-19

President of the United States, Joe Biden hosted an Independence Day party on Sunday with his 1000 essential workers and the military families of the White House, which marks the first event which such large numbers since the pandemic. The President spoke about the progress they have made against the pandemic.

As per the trusted sources of information, the cities of Unites States are conducting celebrations on the fourth of July this year after the corona virus pandemic in the previous year enforced cancellation of most of the events.

The event was a symbol of the increasing hope of the citizens that the life is back on track like before, bringing back the normalcy after the pandemic hit the nation, as there is a decline in the number of cases every day along with the availability of the vaccine and rise of vaccination rates in major regions of the country.

The White House encouraged the citizens of the country to come together and enjoy the view of fireworks displays that marks the country’s independence from the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been opening of the restaurants and several other businesses. The country’s travel has surpassed the levels of the year 2019 before the pandemic as a rebound to the lockdowns in the nation.

He asked the people to think where the country was in the previous year on the same day and then see how far they have come now. He further added that there is a significant change going from the silent streets to crowded paraded routes, there are people waving the US flags.

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