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Vilsack Claims $1B USDA Climate Conservation Funding Plans

Just before leaving this week for the G-20 Summit, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said world leaders would lead the way in developing Climate solutions.

Vilsack offered his views on the United Nations FAO Conference. He called for an audacious objective, but a concerted effort and new dedication would be needed.

“The Climate issue represents a serious threat to the lives of millions, yet I think that Climate action and solutions can – and must – drive the agriculture industry,” he added.

President Biden held a Climate leadership summit in April to bring the globe together to address the Climate issue. As a result, the USA announced a new 50% to 52% reduction in economic greenhouse gas compared to 2005 levels of “2030’s pollution.”

Vilsack emphasizes that the USDA is going to play a major position in handling some of the challenges Biden wants to tackle and not just intends to duplicate the amount of money it sends to developing nations to assist in resolving Climate problems.

“The investments in nature, science and research and rural development in my department are above $1 billion,” he added.

Vilsack also called on FAO participants to strive to set the stage for common objectives to eradicate starvation and improve food safety.

“Shortly thereafter, our Italian hosts and the Food Systems Summit, the COP 26 and the Nutrition for Grower Summit are looking forward to the G20.

We look forward to the Summit. At each of these events, the United States will demonstrate leadership via specific pledges in collaboration with other actors.

In tackling the worldwide hunger issue, we shall leverage our commitments and achieve global social, economic and environmental sustainability.”, he said.

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