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VTG Secures Installation Contract for Counter-UAS Laser

VTG Defense, based in Chantilly, VA, is a privately held provider of modernization and digital transformation solutions. VTG aims to reinforce the United States’ competitive advantage in the modern battlespace era.

VTG has successfully won a contract from the United States Naval Surface Warfare Center housed at the Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD). The single-awarded agreement will help expand the digital transformation solutions portfolio of the company.

As per the contract, VTG will integrate new laser technology in additional American ships. The primary utility of these chips will be in encountering threats addressed from unscrewed aerial systems (UAS).

The company will execute the installation and integration process of the newly designed lasers.

The energy weapon that VTG will be introducing is ODIN, an abbreviated name for AN/SEQ-4 Optical Dazzler Interdictor, Navy. These components will be added to five U.S. Navy missile destroyers, Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers.

Commenting on the new contract in motion, the president and CEO of VTG John Hassoun addressed the company’s vigor and enthusiasm to enhance NSWC-PHD, aiding them in integrating and installing advanced and innovative defensive technology into the American Navy fleet.

The introduction of ODIN amplifies the advancements for U.S. Navy. It is expected to allow them to address asymmetric threats, thereby protecting sailors on board.

With this contract, the U.S Navy intends to provide next-generation capabilities and technologies to the American warfighters uplifting their chances of encountering foreign threats.

VTG offers superior expertise in the field of ODIN, accurately applying the new technology.

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