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Walmart Scores Lower on Racial Equality Parameters

Walmart has consistently proved mettle in racial equality in terms of recruiting and promoting a diverse workforce. But a recent report says the supervisors and managers gave low marks to the company in terms of racial equity. Thus the report says the retail giant should win over its Black employees.

Walmart conducted an internal survey that found that the Black supervisors, managers, and directors employed at Walmart would not recommend other people to join Walmart.

The Walmart employees surveyed said that they have to face many difficulties while working in the company, like internal politics and favoritism. They also face barriers while trying to advance their career.

According to a recent report published at an international publication, 56 high officials from the company were surveyed, comprising managers, directors, and Black supervisors.

Some employees gave critical answers. One of the employees said, “I have been here for ten years now but have never recommended this company to others. Instead, I have recommended others to leave.” He said he has no complaints regarding pay or benefits but said he would never recommend a person of color.

To find the exact truth behind the report, a news agency questioned the retail giant. But, the company denied giving a copy of the report.

Responding to the questions, Walmart stated that the report is based on early research and scientific evidence. The company spokespersons said, recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent has always been a top priority of the company vision.

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