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West Virginia Houses a Promising Business Climate

However, recently, West Virginia ranked number 10 on a business magazine’s Best Business Climate list. California was surprisingly enough not even a part of the list, whereas Texas ranked number 3. West Virginia is a potential landscape for businesses targeting technology exploration, and advancements, according to Governor Jim Justice.

Entrepreneurs, and investors turn towards states like California and Texas when looking for well-suited business spaces across the United States. This is particularly in the case of new emerging technologies. The Mountain State is not very high up on the list of most favorable business places in America.

He said, for a long time, it’s been prominent that West Virginia has hidden potential. It has been the best-kept secret on the East Coast so far however is gaining a lot of attention now. Addressing the recent ranking acquired, Justice stated that adding the efforts in improving the state’s economy and business climate, has now jumped at the forefront.

West Virginia and Arizona were the two states identified as the rising stars in the magazine, achieving breakthrough results in 2021. Addressing the achievement, Secretary of West Virginia Department of Economic Development Mitch Carmichael added that the recognition would encourage more growth.

A major driver for the recent ranking achieved is the Virgin Hyperloop. The Virgin Group had made an announcement declaring their establishment in Virginia as the new certification center for Hyperloop. The facility is expected to be built on 800-acre of land situated in Grant and Tucker counties.

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