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WhatsApp Lets You Rehearse your Voice Messages before Sending

WhatsApp is working on improving its voice message feature lately. The messenger app allows users to play messages at a faster speed and delivers improvements on how they appear, the popular messaging platform is now letting users preview voice messages before sending them.

Voice messages are particularly convenient because they let you convey emotions more clearly. They’re also easier to record when performing other tasks, like walking, cooking, or driving. Unfortunately, they’re not always clear, which is why it’s now possible to preview your verbosities before sending them.

Then simply scroll the microphone button-up and press stop once you’re done recording. You’ll then be able to listen to the voice message and decide whether you want to send it or not. The feature is available on all devices, including Android, iOS, web, and desktop versions.

In addition to these features, Meta is working on bringing further enhancements to voice messages on WhatsApp, including a transcription feature.  The feature is rolling out for all Android and iOS users and will come on all devices in the next few days.

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