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WHO Says, There is No Need for an Extra Covid Vaccine Dose

According to the latest report by World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, it is not needed at this moment for people to get the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The report further states that most susceptible people across the globe should get fully vaccinated before rich countries implement top-up.

Earlier this month, it was declared that the people immunocompromised people across U.S or the ones suffering prolonged diseases like stem cell transfer, cancer, or type 2diebitis are supposed to an extra shot of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to avoid getting infected by the latest variants of the disease.

The pharmacy chains across the country even started booking appoints for this short group of people in the country online.

The comments just arrived prior to the U.S. government’s statement that said the country planned to make the extra shot widely available to all the citizens beginning from September 20 as the spread of Delta variant of the corona-virus increase nationwide.

Bruce Aylward, WHO senior adviser in reference to the booster shots being administered in rich countries, said that there is sufficient vaccine across the globe, he feels unsure if it is going to the right places or not.

He further added that it is a must to give two shots to the people who are highly vulnerable before offering boosters to the ones who are fully vaccinated already.

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