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YouTube Stands Firm against Taliban-Affiliated Accounts

YouTube, under the American multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc., clarified on Tuesday its stance on the Taliban situation. YouTube stated that it had deployed a policy for the longest time now that does not allow any accounts on its site that are believed to be associated with the Taliban.

The clarification was due as the social media were asked of their plan of action to deal with the group that acquired Afghanistan.

Taliban has regained power after 20 years and is a cause of fear among many national and international entities. There are rising concerns that the group will decline human rights and freedom. Freedom of speech or particularly women’s rights seems to be in grave danger as the country stands to become a hotspot for global terrorism.

Besides YouTube, social media giant Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messaging service has immediately closed a helpline connecting Afghans with the Taliban. This helpline was set up by the group after it took over Kabul on Sunday.

WhatsApp spokesperson has declined to make any statement on the action. WhatsApp only cleared that the platform restricts account operation under U.S. sanction laws that imply any activity connecting with the Taliban needs to be immediately banned.

The helpline number, which was provided to civilians in case of emergencies such as violence, looting, or any other activities, was blocked by Facebook on Tuesday. Any other official Taliban Channels were instantly blocked. Facebook has made it very clear that it will not support a terrorist group like the Taliban, banning its content from its platforms.

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